Energy Law Attorneys Serving Beulah & Hebron, North Dakota

North Dakota: The Energy Mecca of the United States

In recent years, large energy corporations have been approaching owners of land and mineral interests in North Dakota with various leasing opportunities. It is no wonder these corporations have taken notice of North Dakota. North Dakota has vast lignite coal reserves; North Dakota has been called the Saudi Arabia of wind energy, and the Bakken Oil Formation is estimated to be twenty-five times larger than the oil reserves in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

When you are approached by large energy companies, you need an attorney with experience in evaluating and negotiating the terms of contracts and leases concerning oil, gas, coal, and wind energy. While proposed energy contracts and leases may appear to potentially provide lucrative opportunities, they never the less should be reviewed by an experienced attorney who can advise you on all aspects of the contract and lease documents taking into consideration each and every term contained therein.

Coal Country

Our offices located in Beulah and Hebron are located in the heart of the coal country. Contracts and leases involving coal mining operations tend to be long-term contracts that have a great deal of information to be processed. At Solem Law Office we maintain a direct line of communication with our clients to help them understand the issues surrounding coal mining. We also negotiate on your behalf to make sure that your interests are protected and that you receive the most competitive lease possible.

The Bakken, Three Forks-Sanish, and Tyler Oil Formations

Recent technology advancements in the oil industry such as horizontal drilling and hydrostatic fracturing have allowed oil companies to tap into the Bakken, Three Forks-Sanish, and Tyler oil formations located in North Dakota. These advancements have caused oil companies to flock to the region in search of North Dakota's rich oil and natural gas resources.

The resources of the Bakken, Three Forks-Sanish, and Tyler oil formations present great opportunities to land owners. Oil and natural gas leases are some of the most competitive leases you will find. At Solem Law Office we use the competitiveness of these leases to your advantage by contacting different leasing companies operating in the area to seek the most competitive bids.

While oil and natural gas leases may offer great financial opportunities to land and mineral owners there are several potential issues that need to be carefully examined by an experienced attorney familiar with this business. The attorneys and staff at Solem Law Office strive to remain accessible to our clients and to help them address issues and concerns associated with the development and extraction of oil and natural gas. We have reviewed and negotiated oil and natural gas leases throughout western North Dakota.

North Dakota Wind Energy Attorneys

Wind energy contracts are some of the most complex contracts landowners will see in their lifetime. Unlike oil, natural gas, or coal leases, wind energy contracts tend to last for many years, often beyond the lifetime of the landowner who executes the agreement. Landowners who are approached with a wind energy contract need to consider several factors before agreeing to enter into such a contract. Some of these factors may include:

  • How long will the land be subject to the agreement?
  • Is the landowner being properly compensated for the lifetime of the agreement?
  • How will the landowner be paid?
  • What rights does the landowner have after the wind energy contract is signed?
  • How else can the land be used when a wind farm is constructed on the land?

Wind energy contracts offer landowners the potential for a steady source of income. However, before a landowner signs such an agreement it is imperative that the landowner understands the contract and the consequences thereof. The attorneys and staff at Solem Law Office will work with you to help you navigate through the variety of contracts involved with a wind energy lease so that the opportunity is a positive experience.