Providing Child Adoption Assistance in Beulah, ND and Beyond

Our firm serves south-central and southwestern North Dakota

Maybe you've been taking care of a child for a while now. However, the court won't recognize your family arrangement until your child's adoption. Assistance is available to families in south-central and southwestern North Dakota at Solem Law Office. Although our main office is located in Beulah, ND, we have a second location in Hebron to make our services more accessible.

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Here's how we can help you

Our child adoption attorneys have years of experience representing families in Beulah, ND and the surrounding area. You can turn to us for help:

  • Understanding the adoption process
  • Terminating the rights of the child's biological parent
  • Adopting a stepchild, a grandchild or another child who isn't directly related to you

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