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Going through legal troubles is challenging enough. When those problems involve anything from family to energy law, they can prove to be even more overwhelming. We provide divorce attorney services, family law services, child adoption assistance, energy law services, personal injury law services & much more. The attorneys at Solem Law Office can guide you through your divorce, dispute or other legal matter. Our Beulah, ND office has been serving area the community for over 50 years.

You can trust that we'll make your case a priority and work toward the outcome you want. But whatever happens, our attorneys are here to support you.

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Two locations to serve you

About 20 years after we opened our office in Beulah, ND, we opened a second location in Hebron to help meet the needs of more people in our community. We provide affordable legal services to:

  • Parents and married couples: Adoption | Child custody | Divorce | Guardianship | Visitation | Other family law matters
  • Property owners and investors: Carbon sequestration | Mineral rights | Real estate | Other energy law matters
  • Anyone who has assets to protect: Estate planning | Probate | Tax preparation

We also practice personal injury law with a focus on litigation.

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At Solem Law Office, you'll receive top-tier representation from experienced attorneys. Whether you're thinking about divorcing your spouse or you're seeking the right to access North Dakota's oil or coal for business purposes, you can count on us for honest advice. Reach out today to speak directly with Scott T. Solem or Jennifer M. Gooss.